Fastlawn grows a range of high quality grasses that we supply, deliver and install.  This grass is cut, rolled and transported, and is then ready to be laid. We can prepare and install our instant lawn at your premises or you can arrange to collect it and install it yourself. With instant lawn you will have a great looking lawn from day one. We can advise you on how to prepare and care for your lawn.

Instant Lawn Turf Types

All types of instant lawn are available

Each roll of instant lawn covers 1sqm and is approximately 2.2m x 0.46m wide. 

Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue

Fine Fescue

Fine Fescue

Tall Fescue

Coarse textured leaf, more drought resistance than rye grass and chewings fescue, less susceptible to black beetle attacks, medium wear capabilities.
Mowing height 40-50mm


Medium textured, high wear capabilities, easy to renovate, needs regular nitrogen.
Mowing height 30-40mm.

Fine Fescue eg chewings and red fescue

Narrow textured leaf, can handle more shade than other grasses. Ideal as a show lawn (All grasses can be selectively spraued out with Gallant). Very susceptible to black beetle damage.
Mowing height 25-30mm

Installing Instant Lawn

Installing Instant Lawn is as easy as

1. Prepare the site

Spray the area with roundup approximately 10 days before lawn preparation is due to begin. Follow up treatments maybe required prior to cultivation and preparation.

Existing lawns or areas that are compact over time may need cultivating or the top layer of thatch removed. New sites will just need topsoil added to the necessary height of 10-15 below any edging. A roller is handy for compacting the surface and use a screed to help level any lumps of hollows. If you are happy with the surface at this point fertilisers can be applied. If you think more leveling will be required as you install the instant lawn then fertilisers can be applied at the end when turf installation is complete. (Will need watering in)
Please contact us if you need advice in preparing the site.

2. Roll out the instant lawn
 Laying the instant lawn is made easy by simply unrolling it in the desired location .You should generally start laying the instant lawn at the furthest point, along a long straight edge. Stagger the joints like brickwork on a house and cut using a sharp knife. Where you have made the cuts at the end of the runs will turn around and start your next line.

The roller is handy again at this point. Roll over the new instant lawn in a couple of different directions to take out any air pockets and establish thorough contact with the soil below.  

3. Water the lawn
Water the newly laid instant lawn thoroughly, but not so much that puddles occur. A light roll can also be helpful. See Lawn Care for after installment instructions. 

Note: We require 24-48 hours notice in order to prepare the instant lawn for collection or installation. If the instant lawn is not being installed by Fast Lawn, it should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight, and installed within 48 hours of collection.

A comprehensive quote for instant turf/lawn is available upon request. If what what you are looking for is not listed, contact us and we'll help you the best way we can.