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Fast Lawn is the Waikato's answer to quick and affordable lawn. Your instant lawn can be collected or delivered and installed within days of receiving your order. Whether you are a property developer looking to add that final touch, or a private home owner seeking a high quality, stress-free product, Fast Lawn's instant, installation ready lawn is ideal.
instant lawn being prepared near Hamilton The Fast Lawn team pride itself on its high quality workmanship and attention to detail, and we believe this is what makes us the best in our field. We can provide you with the following lawn services:
Turf / Instant Lawn
Grass Seeding
Lawn Fertilising
Lawn Spraying
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Why not take advantage of our monthly lawn maintenance service. No doubt you've spent time and effort getting your lawn looking great, then why not keep it that way? For a small monthly fee, we'll ensure your lawn is well fed, disease and pest free, and in best possible condition. Use our online quote request form to find out how much it will cost you and for further information.

Instant Lawn Availability

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Perennial Dwarf Rye
Fine Fescue

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