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Water is essential to keeping your lawn healthy and full of colour. While a mature lawn can handle periods of drought, watering your lawn during dry months will keep it in good condition. Avoid watering during the heat of the day, early morning or evening is best.


Mowing is important to keeping your lawn in the best possible condition. Mowing should be regular and at a height of 25-30mm.

To ensure all around thickness, the lawn should be mowed in varying directions. All clippings should be removed to avoid lawn burning and fungal infections.

Fertilising and Spraying

Small, regular applications of fertiliser should be made every 10-12 weeks at 30gms/m2. This will help to keep the turf lush and dense, and ensure a healthy colour.

The lawn may require spraying for broadleaf weeds and to help keep undesirable grasses out. Contact us to find out what spray is best for your situation.

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