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We grow our own, high quality, instant lawn at our Hamilton base. We take great pride in maintaining our grass, and only when the it is fully matured and ready for installation will we offer it to our customers.

Instant lawn is available either as part of our installation service or it can be collected from our production centre in Gordonton, near Hamilton. Allow 24-48 hours notice for the turf to be prepared and ready for delivery or collection.
instant lawn, Hamilton

Installing Instant Lawn

Installing instant lawn is as easy as...

1. Prepare the site

Clear away any debris from the area and loosen the soil to a depth of about 10cm. Rake the soil to create an even surface. You may need to spray for weeds or bugs and insects that may cause harm to your instant lawn, and in some cases poor quality soil may need to be improved - please contact us if you need advice in preparing the site.

2. Roll out the instant lawn

Fresh instant lawn can be laid directly onto the prepared area. Before collection or delivery, our instant lawn is cut into strips about 50cm wide and 2.1m long. These strips are then rolled up ready for transportation. Laying the instant lawn is then made easy by simply unrolling it in the desired location. The instant lawn should be keep moist at all times.

3. Water the lawn

Water the newly laid turf throughly, but not so much that puddles occur. A light roll can also be helpful. See 'After Installation Instant Lawn Care' below for further instructions on getting your instant lawn established.

After Installation Instant Lawn Care


Keeping the turf moist immediately after installation is essential. You should water the lawn daily until it is established, which could be up to 21 days.

Instant lawn being laid


Mowing is important to keeping your lawn in the best possible condition. The first mow should occur 10-14 days after installation. This initial mow should be at a height of 30-35mm, and this should be continued every 5-6 days. When the turf is fully establised, regular mowing can be at a height of 25-30mm.

To ensure all-round thickness, the lawn should be mowed in varying directions. All clippings should be removed to avoid lawn burning and fungal infections.

Fertilising and Spraying

Small, regular applications of fertiliser should be made every 10-12 weeks at 30gms/m2. This will help to keep the turf lush and dense, and ensure a healthy colour.

The lawn may require spraying for broadleaf weeds and to help keep undesirable grasses out. Contact us to find out what spray is best for your situation.

Note: We require 24-48 hours notice in order to prepare the turf for collection or installation. If the turf is not being installed by Fast Lawn, it should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight, and installed within 48 hours of collection.